ABOUT ME: Caitlin Gwinn

During and after attaining my degree at MSU I worked around the country as a product specialist. I quickly learned through travel that I loved the area where I grew up and wanted to contribute to the placemaking aspect of its growth. I love working on the computer, creating designs, and working with customers to create something unique in digital form. Once I have an idea the customer will love I pass it over to Dane so he can create it in real life!

My largest commission and grant award to date is the Board of Water and Light’s Central Substation mural, City Rhythm. A design I created to embody the style and atmosphere of Reo Town.

About Me: Dane Vermeulen

After being formally trained in Welding Technology and Applied Sciences, I worked for one of the largest metal companies in the US for 6 years. During this time I did sculpture work on the weekends to gain clients, and subsequently opened my own metalworking business. I can create anything out of metal for which I am commissioned, but I am most passionate about sculpture work, and creating something new that my clients and those passing can love and admire!

My wish is to continue creating more sculpture and placemaking in the community where I grew up and still live. Last year I was elected to be the president of the nonprofit organization, Friends of the Looking Glass. In that regard am responsible for cleanup initiatives along the entire 60 mile expanse of the river, and have also started Michigan’s first floating art park for those kayaking and walking along the river. With two sculptures about to go on the river, the floating art park is underway!