We are so pleased to announce that we have completed our mural “City Rhythm” with the Board of Water and Light! The work of art is featured at the new BWL Central Substation in REO Town.

A year ago we received a grant for the project to create a piece that represents “the story of an ever-changing Greater Lansing region”. City Rhythm represents the ebb and flow of our lives, the city, and the community. Energy from today changes shape as it moves and transforms into the energy of tomorrow. This installation is an introspective view looking beyond the traditional constraints of form, composition, and space, into a deeper work of design and possibility. The shape and form of both the positive and negative space reflect the unwritten rules which have formed our environment, as well as the possibilities of REO town. City Rhythm’s bold and welcoming colors by day, and night time welcoming glow, will serve as both an example of REO Town’s historic past, as well as its promising future.

We are very excited to have had this opportunity and to add to the beauty of Lansing!

The blueprints for City Rhythm.

Photos from our process!

Building the sections

Transporting the piece

Assembling at the site

The finished work!