This one was fun! We had a unique request from a customer who needed a sign that could not be stolen. The junkyard he owns was in a part of Detroit where every sign he mounted has been stolen in the past. The goal was to make it simply too heavy to steal. We created this 6 foot rustic steel sign out of 1 inch thick cold rolled plate. This sign weight in just above $1,000 lbs and we knew this sign would be the one that would stick in at his Detroit business.

Heavy duty sign made from 1 inch cold rolled steel. Strong steel custom commercial sign for Detroit business

1 inch thick rolled rolled plate is the thickest sign we can cut for our customers. Sign created by michigan imagery
Installation of custom commercial sign in Detroit, Michigan. Custom sign created by Michigan Imagery.

Mounted on 1/2 inch threaded rod stand offs so the sign appeared to be floating over the chain link fence. The sign weight a little over 1,000 lbs and had to be installed with heavy equipment.

Rustic raw metal sign created for a Detroit business. Custom sign made by Michigan Imagery

To be sure we used all the material, we created this secondary sign from the cutout to go inside the business.