The owner of Innovare just refinished a new office space and had a huge blank wall that was ready for his logo! Instead of boring graphic vinyl he was looking for something that would draw his customer’s attention and look high end. We created this beautiful steel and acrylic sign that hangs on his wall and is essentially a 16 foot version of his logo. Each individual letter is cut out of steel and was adhered to the wall by his contractor. The main focal point is in the center where we made a steel face and a large piece of routed acrylic to fit perfectly inside. The acrylic gives a 3D dimension to the sign by pushing about 1 inch off the sign. The frame is then backlit with color changing LED’s that are controlled by remote. All the cords are drilled through the back of the wall and hidden away for a seamless look.

Side profile showing the routed acrylic

Top down ‘test’ at the shop before installation

An example of what the routed acrylic looks like before it is placed into into its final destination in the sign.