Owners of the Looking Glass Foot and Ankle Center were seeking custom interior signage for the new office building they just built. They chose a unique style, cold rolled steel with pushed through routed acrylic that will be backlit with color changing LEDs. Below you can see the routed acrylic before it was pushed through the face of the sign.

Routed acrlilic before it gets placed into the laser cut metal sign created for business in Michigan

Looking Glass Foot & Ankle sign just before hanging in their new office building. The protective layer is always kept attached to the acrylic until the sign is installed and in its final location.

The routed acrylic stays covered and protected until the sign is hung and in its final position.

This beautiful sign is the first thing customers are greeted with when they walk in the door. This precision laser cut metal sign is backlit and has routed acrylic pushed through the front for a spectacular 3D effect.

custom metal and routed acrylic sign created for foot and ankle center. Interior signage for doctors office
Interior signage for doctors office Detroit Michigan custom created with the logo
Interior signage for office in traverse city created from metal and routed acrylic.